[Snort-users] BASE 1.2.5 (sarah) released

Kevin Johnson kjohnson at ...12400...
Sun Jun 4 14:39:48 EDT 2006

The BASE project team is proud to announce that we have released  
1.2.5 (sarah).   It has been almost three months
since the last release and in that time the project team has grown.   
We welcome Jon Hart to the team and he has
already shown what a great contributer he can be.  One difference  
with this release is that Kevin's daughter (sarah) is due
to be born tomorrow so if you need support please contact the  
developers list or post a report on the SF.net page.
Kevin will be checking email but it will be sporadic for a week or so.

Now on to the changes.  One of the main things in this release is a  
security fix that was announced by Milw0rm.
This release solves the problem they found.  Two things that the  
development team would like to point out.  First,
we would appreciate it if people at least tried to contact us before  
announcing these things.  We do respond and
try to fix things as soon as we can.  Second, this security hole only  
affects you if you are running with globals
registered.  If you are doing that then you have a ton of other  
problems and we recommend that you turn it off

We have also updated and improved our support for the FLoP system.  A  
lot of fixes went into the setup system
and we did a ton of changes to prevent further XSS and SQL injection  
attacks.  The Chinese language file was
updated.  We also fixed a number of bugs and some of the issues with  
searching.  We also improved our
handling of ICMP messages.  For full details of all of the changes,  
please read the CHANGELOG.

As with all of our releases, BASE 1.2.5 (sarah) is available at  

If you have any comments or problems regarding BASE and this release,  
please feel free to contact us.

Kevin Johnson and the BASE project team

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