[Snort-users] Re: Possible Evasion in http_inspect

Nigel Houghton nigel at ...1935...
Thu Jun 1 09:30:02 EDT 2006

Please do not repost to the snort- lists, if you don't get messages you
send to the list, check your settings in the mailman interface for that
list. Also bear in mind that email from sourceforge (where the lists are
hosted) can be somewhat erratic.

On  0, Joel Ebrahimi <jebrahimi at ...4451...> wrote:
> It  doesnt  appear that the email I sent out prior to this to both the
> devel  list  and users list ever made it through entirely( I see it on
> the  marc  mirror  but I never got it sent to me and it never seems to
> have made it to users).
> Since  the bypass is trivial to implement I would hope that this patch
> could get reviewed by the devel/user community asap.
> Reposting yesterdays message below.

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