[Snort-users] BASE, Graphs and NetBSD

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Thu Feb 23 07:47:22 EST 2006

It looks like you have failed to activate the 'extension=php_gd2.dll' or
it's not finding the 'extension_dir = "./"' path.

Original in 'php.ini'

Change to:

Kindest regards,

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Hi All, I'm having a challenge with the Graph functionality in BASE and was 
wondering if anyone has seen or overcome the same issues with the 'pear 
install' commands:

> root(host)php-gd$ pear install Image_Color
> downloading Image_Color-1.0.2.tar ...
> Starting to download Image_Color-1.0.2.tar (-1 bytes)
> .........done: 33,792 bytes
> 'gd' PHP extension is not installed
> Image_Color: Dependencies failed

php-gd is installed and I've re-installed twice to verify the problem, I 
found a thread on one of the BASE forums that suggested I 'add the base
path of the Pear library path to include_path' in php.ini but this makes no 

Has anyone seen this and if so is there a workaround?


Rob Ward
Network Northwest Support
University of Liverpool
Computing Services Department

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