[Snort-users] modifying priority on certain rules

Dirk Geschke dirk at ...10648...
Wed Feb 22 00:54:01 EST 2006


> Thanks for the feedback.  However, the problem isn't with how I change the 
> rule, it's the fact that the updated priority isn't taking effect.
> In my oinkmaster.conf, I added the line:
> modifysid 2466 "classtype:protocol-command-decode;" | 
> "classtype:protocol-command-decode; priority:2;"
> That successfully updates the rule, but the priority is still coming 
> through as the default (3).

maybe it works correct but the output plugin does not handle it
correctly? As far as I remember does the database ouput plugin
ignore the priority, it simply asks the database for an existing
signature of that message type and ignores the priority. So if
there is already a singature of this type in the database then
the priority is ignored (the one of the database is used regardless
of your local settings.)

So: What output plugin do you use or may this be the reason?

Best regards


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