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Sat Feb 18 11:46:01 EST 2006

On Feb 18, 2006, at 1:45 PM, Mathieu CHATEAU wrote:

> Thursday, February 16, 2006, 2:54:33 AM, you wrote:
> Hi-
> I am glad to hear that so many people use BASE.<grin>  May I ask  
> why you need to create your own interface?  If it is a feature that  
> needs to be added, it would probably be easier to just work with us  
> to implement it?
> If you still need to write your own, I would set up BASE and run it  
> with the sql trace turned on.  That way it will log every query  
> that is run including the dynamic ones.
> Hope that helps,
> Kevin
> I didn't know about the base project, but i am using acid.
> The same way you ask him why doesn't he help the base project  
> instead of developping his own interface,
> why did you fork the acid project ?
> I couldn't find this informations on you web site
I am glad you found out about us.  I hope that you upgrade to BASE  
since quite a few bugs and security issues have been fixed since we  
forked the project.

In answer to why did we fork that project, the simple answer is  
because we could get no response from the ACID author when we  
contacted him to help.  At the time ACID had not been updated in over  
two years, we are now over three and quickly approaching four.  We  
contacted Roman at all of he addresses we could find for him  
repeatedly and never got an answer.  Even after forking the project,  
I have continued to try and contact him, including talking to someone  
at a SANS class that worked with him, and I have yet to receive an  

I hope that clears things up.
BASE Project Lead
The next step in IDS analysis!

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