[Snort-users] BASE blank index page

Patrick S. Harper patrick at ...4250...
Fri Feb 10 19:05:03 EST 2006

When you go to /var/www/html are the base files in there or is there a base
dir under it.  If you followed my direction it will be in
/var/www/html/base.  There should be nothing that redirects it if you
followed the directions

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On Feb 10, 2006, at 2:16 PM, Pablo Sanchez wrote:

	Hi guys,


	I followed the Patrick Harper tutorial to get Snort installed on
	Everything was ok but when I try to access my BASE
(https://localhost/base) it redirects me to a blank page

This is not good.<g>  Could you check your httpd's error log and let me know
if anything was written there.  If nothing was, please increase your PHP
error reporting level and try again.  Most of the time, a blank page is
either a misconfiguration or some library isn't loaded.

	Then I set $sql_trace_mode = 1; and got this:
	Unable to open SQL trace file ''

Setting $sql_trace_mode requires you to also set a file name in
$sql_trace_file.  This error message is saying that the file '' (or empty)
is not found because it wasn't set.

	Then I set $debug_mode = 2; and got this

This setting is to debug errors within BASE iself.  For example, if the
sorting order was messed up or something similar.  

	PHP Version 5.0.4

	I really don't know what to do.

If you can supply answer to the above, I am more then willing to see if we
can fix this for you.

Kevin Johnson
BASE Project Lead
The next step in IDS analysis!

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