[Snort-users] Version 0.6 of the OSSEC HIDS is available for download.

Daniel Cid danielcid at ...6873...
Thu Feb 9 16:07:01 EST 2006

Version 0.6 of the OSSEC HIDS is now available!

OSSEC HIDS is an Open source Host-based intrusion
detection system. It performs log analysis, integrity
checking, rootkit detection, time-based alerting and
active response.

This new version comes with a lot of new features,
including new active responses ( for ipfilter, user
lockout and iptables), support for firewall log
analysis (iptables, ipfilter and AIX IPSEC), better
support for NIDS log analysis (specially snort) and an
improved rootkit detection and integrity checking
In addition to that, this version includes a lot of
bug fixes and performance improvements.

Project documentation:

To download the new version:

Use our mailling list if you have any question,
suggestion or any comment :

Complete Changelog:


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