[Snort-users] Released: Aanval v1.61 (with full event correlation)

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Thu Feb 9 03:21:04 EST 2006


We are excited to announce the release of Aanval v1.61, with full  
event correlation. Now all users can benefit from real-time event  
correlation between snort and syslog data in both a browser form, and  
real-time displays.

Main Aanval Website:

Aanval Online Demo:

* Screenshots and updated information pages regarding the new  
correlation engine will be available on the Aanval.com website shortly.

Release Notes:

Aanval Console v1.61 - Build 10461
* NOTE: Users will need to clear browser cache and open/close  
browsers to utilize new correlation engine features
* Memory limit of PHP increased to 10M due to indexing and importing  
* Installation update to reflect this requirement change
* Aanval now includes full event correlation in both live event  
monitors and event browsing modes
* Customized live monitor color codes are now available with live  
* Correlation is now available from the features menu
* Correlation is now available from all event browsing screens
* Added frequent offenders/events to the features menu
* Trimmed various pieces of code
* Added memory tracking features to processors
* Changed minor look and feel options throughout console
* Added correlation settings to system options
* The correlation engine is a very sophisticated mechanism, and  
future releases will increase accuracy; Addtionaly, new user  
configurable options will be more more readily available

Full Release Notes: http://www.aanval.com/?op=pub_releaseNotes



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