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Wed Feb 8 02:58:02 EST 2006


We have taken many of the feature requests gathered over the past  
several weeks and rolled out several new builds of Aanval which  
include these requests and bug fixes. Thanks.

Notable new features are the snort auto-trimming option to help keep  
your snort database sized nicely, and the email reporting feature  
which allows for dynamic reports to be emailed to any user at any time.

The following is the build release notes:
BUILD: 10455
* Some systems suffering from performance loss due to overly large  
snort database could not display the new statistics information  
available within the snort module; This is now a user configurable  
option for display: System Options -> General (near bottom)
* Email report system has new checking features which will  
automatically strip unwanted keywords, which may cause the reports to  
be malformed
* Email reporting has additional formatting checks during input
BUILD: 10454
* New snort auto-trimming feature has now been added to the snort  
module to assist with managing the size of the snort database
* New snort statistics have been added to the snort module
BUILD: 10453
* Additional database checking added for several systems who did not  
upgrade correctly regarding email reporting
BUILD: 10452
* New Email Reporting feature has been added; Commercial users may  
now schedule custom email reports to be sent at any time
* Archiving has gone through significant changes over the last week,  
and has been altered to use a more stable copy and move engine
* Minor system errors have been removed
* Added signature id and category id fields to Event Browser
* Bug: Resolved time period event browser reporting 0 results
* Added new system option for enabling / disabling system permissions  
* Added most recent Go! search listing in Reports Manager
* Resolved incorrect text indicating the maximum even deletion limit  
was still 25000 although system options reflected different value
* Added wget path configuration option in system options for use with  
proxy settings
* Added wget path check to determine if the path is valid or not and  
to display error upon failure
* Multiple minor fixes not mentioned

Full Notes: http://www.aanval.com/?op=pub_releaseNotes


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