[Snort-users] BASE+ 1.3.0 (daiga) Released

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Thu Aug 31 01:52:46 EDT 2006

I am proud to announce that the 1.3.0 (daiga) release of the
Basic Analysis and Security Engine (BASE+) is now available from:

This release comes after five months of enormous amounts of effort.
Improvements which I would like to highlight:
* does not depend on external ADOdb library, since minimum code is
  integrated into BASE+
* do not need to edit base_conf.php by hand - all can be done using
  new configuration graphical user interface

In this release we fully support one more database backend - IBMDB2
(since snort-2.6 supports it) and finnaly Oracle has been fully supported.

PDF and XLS report generation code by Mordread Wallas has been implemented.
Also in this release authentication code has been audited and hardened.
The full CHANGELOG is available in the release tarball.

I would also like to welcome new team members and thank the departed ones
for all of their hard work ;].

Thanks again

Nikns Siankin

BASE+ Project Lead
The next two steps in IDS analysis!
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