[Snort-users] IBM did not invent the PC nor the IDS

Michael Scheidell scheidell at ...5171...
Sat Aug 26 15:20:55 EDT 2006

They just validated the technology.

Prior to the IBM pc we had apple, altos, osborn and many other startup
companies, not only competing with each other, but attempting to
convince corporate America that having a pc was good for business and a
great return on investment.

Soon, IBM convinced the world that they could not do business without
Banks and (finally!) airlines turned in their IBM twinax 'green screens'
for network connected PCs.

Companies saw the value of the PC, and began to see a choice: get the
IBM PC, or something better, lighter, faster, less expensive.

No longer did they have to convince upper management of the need for the
PC, now, just who to buy it from.

Hundreds of new companies sprang up, and offered a choice:  Remember,
they no longer had to convince you to buy a PC, just to buy THEIRS.
Many of these companies offered a product far superior to the IBM
product that IBM lost so much market share in the PC world that other
companies became #1 in that market.

Now that IBM has purchased ISS, one of the original IDS companies, IDS
and IPS security technology will become pervasive.

Corporate American will not longer need to ask "do I need this"? Or
"will this type of technology improve my bottom line?"

IBM has answered that, and will spend billions on marketing to make sure
the world accepts Intrusion Detection/Prevention systems as a normal,
required part of corporate business practices.

Soon, consumers will look at choices, which one to buy? Since I don't
HAVE to buy IBM, I will get the one that best fits my budget and the
feature set I need.

Now, security salespeople won't have to spend most of their time
educating the public about IDS, or the need for network security:  IBM
has done that.

Competition is always good.  And there really are a lot of companies
that will purchase the best product:  As long as at least they are
looking for that product.

IBM's recent purchase of ISS is a good thing for the security market.
Some months of hype, it will settle down, then corporate America will
start to look for choices.

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