[Snort-users] Broken Kill USR1 Statistics

Adam Keeton akeeton at ...1935...
Thu Aug 24 10:17:59 EDT 2006

Hi  Colin,

Looks like we're not taking the difference on subsequent USR1 signals. 
I'm about to log a bug for this  issue.  Thanks for the feedback!


>I've been trying to gather some statistics from the Snort process by
>sending the USR1 kill signal, but I'm seeing some weird behavior. This
>is Snort
>First time using kill -USR1:
>Aug 24 08:51:32 Sensor snort[24795]: *** Caught Usr-Signal
>Aug 24 08:51:32 Sensor snort[24795]: Snort received 7294740 packets
>Aug 24 08:51:32 Sensor snort[24795]:     Analyzed: 5628802(77.162%)
>Aug 24 08:51:32 Sensor snort[24795]:     Dropped: 1665920(22.837%)
>Aug 24 08:51:32 Sensor snort[24795]:     Outstanding: 18(0.000%)
>Second time using kill -USR1:
>Aug 24 08:51:40 Sensor snort[24795]: *** Caught Usr-Signal
>Aug 24 08:51:40 Sensor snort[24795]: Snort received 200871 packets
>Aug 24 08:51:40 Sensor snort[24795]:     Analyzed: 5829688(2902.205%)
>Aug 24 08:51:40 Sensor snort[24795]:     Dropped: 0(0.000%)
>Aug 24 08:51:40 Sensor snort[24795]:     Outstanding: 4289338479(2135369.750%)
>Anyone else seen this?
>Colin Grady
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