[Snort-users] Snort Rules/VRT Enhancement?

John Hally JHally at ...5637...
Wed Aug 9 09:46:22 EDT 2006


Hello all,



What ever happened to the actual snort signatures being included in the
snort signature database?  I know I've brought this up before, and I think
the consensus was that they weren't put in there as it may disclose the VRT
rules to non-subscribers, but I don't think I ever saw a reply from the
Snort team.  For me, this is the single most missing feature from the
database.  The information is excellent, but I always find myself going back
to whatever sig mgmt tool I have and search through the sigs to validate
alerts.  This is sometimes the most time consuming part of the forensics.


Snort Team - Does the VRT subscription have this functionality?  If it
doesn't it would be a great enhancement IMHO.  I think that would drive me
to subscribe.








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