[Snort-users] Snort performance concerns

sekure sekure at ...11827...
Fri Sep 30 07:44:13 EDT 2005

First place i'd look is disabling rules you don't need.  Not sure if
you've done that already, but many people are running with much larger
rulesets than what they need.  I was seeing the same thing you were,
for example, certain sensors are handling near 100Mbps with minimal
drops, while others are dropping packets at > 3Mbps.

After disabling some unnecessary rulesets the CPU utilization went way
down and i haven't seen any issues since.

I've seen the highest performance hit with the web-client rules for
some reason.  So disabling try that first.

On 9/30/05, Larry Wichman <larrywichman at ...131...> wrote:
> I enabled Performance Monitor on my sensors and I have some concerns after
> looking at some of the performance stats. First, I have three sensors, two
> of which average 96mb/sec of traffic and the dropped packets percentage
> average is about 10% (proc and memory utilization are high, as expected). I
> have a third sensor that sees an average of about 5mb/sec and has the same
> amount of dropped packets, memory and proc utilization are minimal. I have
> implemented all the suggested optimizations (I think), patched Libpcap,
> etc….I can understand that there would be some dropped packets when the
> traffic is at a high, continuous load, but the third sensor with the same
> amount of dropped packets with only a fraction of the traffic  concerns me.
> I am thinking about upgrading the hardware (faster proc, bus speeds, etc…),
> but I might be wasting money if the stats are the same.  Does anyone have
> any input as to what is causing the dropped packets?
> Also, my boss told me to start evaluating commercial products. My first
> choice would be Sourcfire, I really do like working with Snort, but I need
> whatever product I choose to be able to handle the amount of traffic that we
> have. I would greatly appreciate any input on this. Cheers.
> Larry

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