[Snort-users] Snort 2.4.2 with ClamAV

Bill Warren bwarren at ...12173...
Thu Sep 29 09:33:42 EDT 2005

I just downloaded both Snort 2.4.2 and the ClamAV diff file for Snort
2.4.2.  I put the diff file in my uncompressed snort-2.4.2 and ran
"patch -p 1 < snort-2.4.2-clamonly.diff" Everything went fine.  When I
did the compile I used "./configure --enable-clamav
--with-clamav-defdir=/var/lib/clamav" then make, make install, and had
no problems.  In my Snort.conf file I put in "preprocessor clamav: ports
all, toclientonly, dbdir /var/lib/clamav, toclientonly dbreload-time
43200, file-descriptor-mode, descriptor-temp-dir /tmp"

When I run snort I get "ERROR:  unknown preprocessor "clamav""

Any ideas?

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