[Snort-users] installing snort

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Please don't spam all the list when the question only belongs on one.  That
is very rude.  

As for your question I would recommend using the guides one snort.org
(linux) or winsnort.com (windows) and just modifying them to all report to
one console.  You will have to do some reading and digging, but like your
sig line says, True enterprise security comes through diligence, not from a

P.S. I think we should add 10 penalty drinks for sending a question to every
snort list there is.  How many would that make it for this post?  .sig over
4 lines, html, what else?
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Subject: [Snort-users] installing snort

Good day gents,
I m a security engineer working in an insurance company. I tried to install
snort as follows:
1.	Network based IDS for 3sensors for 3deferent subnets running on
Fedora core 3.
2.	Host based IDS for 5sensors for 5deferent servers running on Red Hat
3.	One console to remotely configure and manage the sensors windows or
Linux platform.
4.	A good reporting module to impress my managers.
I tried a lot of books but they don't guide me well. Please if any one has a
straight forward installation guide for the exact requirements.
Any help provided would be highly appreciated.
Eng. Omar Altom
Computer Security Engineer
Genereal Organization of Social Insurance
Information Security Department
Email: oaltom at ...13532...
Tel:     0096614777735 ex 2033
True enterprise security comes through diligence,
                     not from a box

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