[Snort-users] Snort Beer Question

Theodore Stout theodorestout at ...131...
Fri Sep 23 03:54:08 EDT 2005


Okay, got a problem with installing Snort which has to
be easy to answer.  I have looked on the web, at
Harper, and other sources and I still can not figure
this one out.  I even took the Sourcefire Snort class
and followed the manual but this problem is still
there and I know it is easy but I can't find it.

As such, I have already drunk 2 big hits of beer and
am planning on drinking more.

Okay, while installing MySQl I am getting the
following error message;

"can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '
/tmp/mysql.sock' "

I am at my wits end as to why this occuring.  There is
what I have already done so you don't tell me
something I already know.

cp support-files/my-medium.cnf /etc/my.cnf
vi /etc/my.cnf

I have changed the socket value to various settings
looking for the stupid location of that mysql.sock but
I can not find it.  I have tried this on the following
OS's.  (Should be meaningless but someone will ask)

FC 1-4 (Yeah I have done this 5 times, all on the

I got this problem everytime when I was typing
/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql  The error message would
only change value from (2), (20) to (111) as I changed
the value of the sockets settinig.  

Any idea?  I have my beer ready.  Hopefully this will
be the last time I ever install Snort and can just use
Soucefire IS....


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