[Snort-users] Snort 2.4.1 Available

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Sun Sep 18 20:23:54 EDT 2005

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Man, I'm batting 1.000 this week.

The 2.4.1 release was assembled on Friday afternoon.  By the time the  
tarballs were ready to go (I had to do some testing of the new  
logging options and the docs needed an update), the people who handle  
the win32 builds had gone home for the weekend.  I don't have a win32  
build environment for Snort setup so I decided that it would be  
better to release the source tarballs and give people who can do  
builds the ability to get up to date rather than delaying until  
Monday or Tuesday when we could get a full set win32/rpm/os x builds  
together.  No binaries for other platforms were released either, the  
source should be sufficient for anyone who has the skill to run an  
IDS in a production environment.

We updated the code for every platform that can support Snort, if  
your platform doesn't come with a compiler and reasonable development  
environment that's not Sourcefire's fault or responsibility.

Now, to dig into the specifics of the release, if you take a quick  
look at the ChangeLogs or RELEASE.NOTES you'll note that we added  
support for WinPCAP 3.1 and MySQL 4.13 on the win32 platform.  Even  
though we don't use those platforms for any of our products, I might  
That said, the Snort Team at Sourcefire continues to improve and  
maintain the entire program, including the win32 port.  In this  
particular case I decided we should go ahead and give people a way to  
get the latest Snort with the patch for the DoS from last week so  
that if people were feeling motivated they could get coverage for it  
(if they weren't up for "download log.c from CVS" thing).  Sourcefire  
just started doing win32 builds "officially" with 2.3.3, so it hasn't  
exatly been years of neglect.

People are not *entitled* to builds of Snort from Sourcefire or  
anyone else.  Our obligation, to the best of my (admittedly limited)  
knowledge, is to develop Snort and provide source code releases when  
we're able.  This hasn't changed since the Snort project was me with  
a couple computers operating on my own out of my spare bedroom.   
Win32 users aren't getting the short end of the stick with 2.4.1,  
there was no stick to get the short end of in this particular case.   
We're going to work on getting binary builds put together this week,  
when they're ready we'll make a general announcement.


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