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This will be the last post from me on this subject...

> Richard,
> Sourcefire already does this, and this was senseless post like several of
> the past on this subject. Not by you (accept this one) but others that
> that their preferred OS over another preferred OS should be given
> For Sourcefire to think that the *nix environment deserves priority
> it holds the majority in the Snort IDS field is simply wrong.

>> Sourcefire is not making this statement. You are making the statement 
>> but that does not translate into Sourcefire's opinion.

Sourcefire is making this statement:

Quote from Jennifer: 

"As always, we will provide builds as quickly possible and address the most
commonly used platforms first."

Please, get your facts straight before posting.

>>From the inception of Snort being made to run on Windows that environment
> has always been a low priority, and this was pre-Sourcefire. So this is
> nothing new.
> The compile methods have change over the past several years and Chris Reid
> used to be the one responsible for the Win32 compiles. For the last year
> Chris has vanished from the Snort IDS scene and Sourcefire has taken over
> that responsibility. 

>> Yet you complain that they are not supporting windows users.

Get it straight and don't make assumptions:

Never did I say SF is not supporting the Windows community. Sourcefire
released this last version with no mention when the Windows community could
expect an update. Not just that but this happens almost every time, and when
Sourcefire does release a Win32 binary there is not even a mention of the
release in the list, it's just posted. 

> If Sourcefire would like to furnish us with an official way to compile the
> source code then we would be willing to give our time to compile each
> official public release for the Win32 environment.

>> Ohh I get it. Your time is dependent on Sourcefire enabling you to do 
>> what you are supposed to be able to do already. As the primary person 
>> responsible for winsnort.com I would expect you to be able to produce 
>> windows builds for your customers. It is not the burden of Sourcefire to 
>> enable your business model to be successful.

Get it straight and don't make assumptions:

This is NOT about Winsnort.com, but about the Windows community in the
whole. Winsnort.com has the ability to produce binaries. We have done this
in the past and continue to do this when necessary.

The success of Winsnort.com is NOT based on the availability of the binaries
being made available from Sourcefire. This is NOT about one person or one
company, but about one community. 
> The bottom line is; nobody wants to be told that their Snort IDS is a low
> priority because of the OS their running. A Snort IDS in the field using
> OS is no less important then it's counterpart.

>> And nobody from Sourcefire is telling you that. There are _NO BUILDS_ 
>> for 2.4.1 on the site. There is no discrimination and no message that 
>> windows users are less important. They are equally important and it 
>> seems the only person that has a problem with this is you.

>> Sourcefire[0] is giving you something to sell which costs you nothing 
>> and makes you something. Can't you be happy with that in itself?

Again this has NOTHING to do with one person or one company, but with one

>> Kindest regards,
>> Jason...

>> [0] - No offense to the many contributors to Snort. The context is in 
>> that of Sourcefire since Michael is directly attacking Sourcefire for 
>> not supporting _his_ business model.

My company has provided FREE support for Snort at my cost for several years,
so we do give back to the Snort community, and more then most on the
outside. If Winsnort.com did not produce sensors then there would be no
Winsnort.com, and if not for Winsnort.com there would be very little support
out there for the Windows community.

All we are asking for is a little uniformity and stability in the releasing
of updates for the Windows community.

> Kindest regards,
> Michael...
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> Michael Steele wrote:
>>Seeing you offered, I would be very happy for you to write up a step by
> step
>>guide on compiling Snort for Windows using the Win32 environment.
> Michael,
> Seeing you sell a Snort-on-Windows appliance at WinSnort.com, why
> don't you write a guide for compiling Snort on Windows??  Or are you
> simply demanding that Marty and Sourcefire support your business model
> by developing AND bundling free software for you?  To quote Doc
> Holiday, your "hypocrisy knows no bounds."
> Sincerely,
> Richard


>> These words are my opinion and not necessarily the opinion of my

Kindest regards,

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