[Snort-Users] Snort 2.4.1 Available

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Sun Sep 18 09:53:22 EDT 2005

Very well put!

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On 9/18/05, Michael Steele <michaels at ...9077...> wrote:
> Richard,
> Sourcefire already does this, and this was senseless post like several
> the past on this subject. Not by you (accept this one) but others that
> that their preferred OS over another preferred OS should be given
> For Sourcefire to think that the *nix environment deserves priority
> it holds the majority in the Snort IDS field is simply wrong.


When you're buying Snort in the form of Sourcefire's appliance or
support, you can make demands of them.

When you're downloading code from an open source project, you are in
no position to judge Sourcefire's "priorities" or label their actions

If Snort on Windows is so important to you, step up to the plate and
figure out how to make their source code work on your platform of

Otherwise just be thankful a commercial company is devoting resources
and payroll to releasing their code as open source.  Without that,
you'd have nothing to complain about.



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