[Snort-Users] Snort 2.4.1 Available

Ron Jenkins rjenkins at ...12829...
Sun Sep 18 08:49:04 EDT 2005

I agree...

A Windows platform for an IDS is a very poor choice, if performance is
of concerning.  

Example, a client's (18k+ workstations) Windows base commercial IDS
required a very high level hardware platform were an old Pentium 1.1GHz
Linux OS out performed it.

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Michael Steele wrote:

> Seeing you offered, I would be very happy for you to write up a step
by step
> guide on compiling Snort for Windows using the Win32 environment.


Seeing you sell a Snort-on-Windows appliance at WinSnort.com, why
don't you write a guide for compiling Snort on Windows??  Or are you
simply demanding that Marty and Sourcefire support your business model
by developing AND bundling free software for you?  To quote Doc
Holiday, your "hypocrisy knows no bounds."



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