[Snort-users] A question about taps

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Fri Sep 16 08:26:04 EDT 2005

Gary, some Taps exist, such as the "Active Response" taps offered from
Net Optics that allow you to send traffic back out through the
monitoring ports to the network. The Active Response capabilities of
their taps allow you to hang an IDS or IPS off the monitoring port that
allow ICMP unreachable and TCP shuns to be sent through the tap to

Just to name a few:

Active Response Port Aggregator Tap

Active Response Dual Port Aggregator Tap

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On Fri, 2005-09-16 at 15:51 +0100, Brett, Gary wrote:
> Thanks guys , I have a far better understanding of this now....it is indeed
> a splitter that I have but it was sold to me as a tap, however from my
> understanding proper taps don't allow transmitted packets from the monitor
> port (which makes sense to keep your sensor "invisible" on the wire) but
> this splitter sends and receives everything..
> Might be ok for my test environment though
> Thanks again
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> Gary Brett wrote:
> > Just a quick question, I have in my possession a simple little plastic tap
> > (basically a little adapter type thing that has 3 RJ48 ports on it, it is
> > not a powered device just a little internally wired adapter). After
> testing
> > it, it does exactly what a tap should do and outputs all traffic it
> receives
> > on any of the 3 ports to all the other ports.
> Hi Gary,
> I bet I have a device similar to that in front of me now.  I bought it
> at Radio Shack to see how it worked.  I still have the device in the
> box because it is worthless for most situations. (I should have
> returned it!)  It's item 278-785, "Ethernet 10 Base-T Computer Network
> Cable Splitter."  Radio Shack provides the wiring diagram. [0]  A
> search for the part number reveals other people found it to be
> worthless too.
> Alternative solutions are listed here. [1]   
> The problem with these systems is the lack of signal regeneration. 
> Without power you will have a weaker signal.  Over distance you will
> lose frames.
> I would not use anything like this in production.  Even a powered hub
> is a better solution than this device.  This unpowered splitter is
> essentially the same as the do-it-yourself "taps" that are
> unfortunately documented elsewhere. [2]
> Sincerely,
> Richard
> http://www.taosecurity.com
> [0] http://support.radioshack.com/support_supplies/doc66/66324.pdf
> [1] http://www.duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Network/ats/index.html
> [2] http://www.snort.org/docs/tap/
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