[Snort-users] A question about taps

Brett, Gary gary.brett at ...13507...
Fri Sep 16 06:46:27 EDT 2005

Hi there

Just a quick question, I have in my possession a simple little plastic tap
(basically a little adapter type thing that has 3 RJ48 ports on it, it is
not a powered device just a little internally wired adapter). After testing
it, it does exactly what a tap should do and outputs all traffic it receives
on any of the 3 ports to all the other ports.

My question is this, from reading snort mailing list archives and FAQ's,
people are suggesting that one should invest in a more complex, powered unit
e.g. Shomiti, Finisar and Netoptics etc costing many hundreds of dollars in
some cases. I would just like to know why my little plastic $5 gizmo is not
on that list of recommended items ? Is there something my gizmo does or does
not do that makes it a bad choice for a SNORT NIDS (even in my small test
environment). I would really like to know

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

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