[Snort-users] BASE Feature Suggestion to Display Rule Source

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Fri Sep 16 01:43:34 EDT 2005

--On 15 September 2005 18:18 -0500 "McCash, John" <John.McCash at ...10979...> 

> 	From the BASE config file, it looks like the <snort> tag is more
> or less just forwarded to the sourcefire URL with a sid number, and the
> resultant page is displayed. It strikes me (as a non PHP programmer, no
> flames please) that it should not be terribly difficult to have BASE
> instead display a web page with two frames, and put the sourcefire stuff
> in one, while simultaneously displaying the full text of the referenced
> rule (pulled from a locally maintained copy of all rules in use) in the
> other.

Indeed - I did this for my local copy of ACID about a year ago. I ported my 
patch to BASE a few weeks back. Kevin basically liked it, but wanted to 
tweak it slightly to allow the location of the rules to be modified.

I guess it might show up in the next release.

I've attached my patch against 1.1.4, FWIW.

> 		John

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