[Snort-users] Alerts generated by hosts on which snort is runnung

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Are you sure that eth1/snort interface being checked is the WAN port??? 
Sound like maybe not.

Also, check out BASE instead of ACID.
ACID is no longer being improved, while BASE is a fork of ACID and is
being improved.


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  At the beginning little description of my situation. I have linux
  box with two interfaces. Eth0 - lan, eth1 - wan. I want snort to
  watch attack only from the WAN.

  I set up snort with definitions like below (in snort.conf):

  var HOME_NET 83.17.xxx.xxx/30    # (my public subnetwork: my ip, ip
  of DSL modem, network address and broadcast)
  var SMTP_SERVERS 83.17.xxx.xxx
  var HTTP_SERVERS 83.17.xxx.xxx
  (rest of the conf file is, i think, default, without any strange

  I start snort to listen on eth1.

  The problem is, that when i'm inspecting ACID i see my own server as
  a source of many "attacks", port scans, etc. Destinations of "these"
  attack are often normal www sites, which lan users visits every day.

  And this is my problem. How to set up these variables, so my snort
  will detect only real attacks? FROM internet to my server, NOT form
  my server to internet :)

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