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Steve Brown Steve.Brown at ...13456...
Wed Sep 14 05:55:27 EDT 2005

I am using the default Image_Graph package with all the correct
dependencies installed (i.e. Numbers, Color, Canvas, ...).  I don't see
a need to put include 'Image/Graph.php' anywhere because I am using the
default package for BASE.  The base_graph_form.php and
base_graph_display.php are called by base_graph_main.php.  The
base_graph_display.php contains the require_once 'Image/Graph.php'
statement by default.  The base_graph_main.php page displays the form
correctly.  When I enter data into the form and hit enter, the page acts
as it is gathering the data from the AG.  However, it does not return
any type of graph.  I have been through all the PEAR documentation and
googled this issue everywhere.  Does anyone have any ideas.  I haven't
changed any of the code, everything is default from the pear install
statements.  I have even uninstalled everything and reinstalled it.  If
I need an additional include 'Image/Graph.php' statement, which file is
it added to.  I tried adding this to many of the files, but I get a
replication error because base_graph_display.php already references
this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated


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