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If you do use those tools, beware of Snort's stream4 preprocessor,
which does not log an alert until a complete three-way handshake has
completed. This eliminates noise from snot, stick, and other
variants. You all may also want to check out IDS Informer. This is a
software package designed to create a large number of alerts. It
actually simulates the victim host and completes the three-way
handshake. It is commercial and is available from Blade Software

Disabling/commenting out stream4 should do the trick.. I'm sure
others may have a different method but this does seem to work for me
when needing to light Snort up.

# stream4: stateful inspection/stream reassembly for Snort
- -
# Use in concert with the -z [all|est] command line switch to defeat
# against TCP rules.  Also performs full TCP stream reassembly,
# inspection of TCP streams, etc.  Can statefully detect various
# types, fingerprinting, ECN, etc.

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If I am not mistaken, nmap and nessus makes snort go crazy with
- -Jason


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	Hi all,
	I need t show a demonstratoin of snort by showing some kinds of
intrusuins that snort alerts on, do any one has a good testing tools
to test snort?
	any reply will be appreciated.

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