[Snort-users] log to syslog but not to /var/log/snort/ directory

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Fri Sep 2 06:08:03 EDT 2005

One option is to configure your syslog service to log to a remote syslog
Configure your syslog.conf file to send logs on the facility you set up for
snort to the remote server.

For example in snort.conf, you may have something like:
output alert_syslog: LOG_LOCAL3 LOG_ALERT

In your syslog.conf file, you could have:
local3.alert  @

You will need to configure your remote syslog server to accept the logs.

Also, this is quite a bit different if you are using syslog-ng.

HTH ! 

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I want to log to syslog and it works perfectly with the syslog output
plugin. But I have space problems and I don´t want to use the
/var/log/snort/ directory. 

Is that possible?? 

I have used the -N options and it doesn´t work. With this option doesn´t use
that directory but it doesn´t log to syslog either. 

What option do I have to use?? 

Thanks for your help


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