[Snort-users] Update rules & doc question

Rich Adamson radamson at ...2127...
Sat Oct 22 08:56:13 EDT 2005

Just upgrading to v2.4.3 and downloading appropriate rule snapshots.

Is there some reason why the snortrules-snapshot-2.4.tar installs the
signature text in doc\signatures while the community-rules-2.4.tar
installs the signature text in docs?

Also, any particular reason why both the snortrules and community
rules distribute the same sid-msg.map file (causing a slight conflict)
when the bleeding rules distribute bleeding-sid-msg.map (no conflict)?

I'm using oinkmaster for the updates and fully understand how to
recreate the sid-msg.map files.

Kind of seems like not a lot of thought was put into the distro's, or,
I'm kind of missing something. Is it just me?

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