[Snort-users] Serious Snort Bug Could Lead To Next Slammer

Theodore Stout theodorestout at ...131...
Sat Oct 22 08:25:43 EDT 2005

Personally, I am surprised that anyone is complaining
about this at all.  I got a call from Sourcefire
warning me of this problem really early in the morning
US time.  I mean, the SF guy must have just woke up or
something and called me within 30 minutes of knowing
about the problem and before having his morning
coffee.  I live here in Japan.  That is service.  I
was about to go to bed at night, got notified,
downloaded the patch, updated my systems- and customer
Pigs, then went to bed.  It took what, 15 extra
minutes?  I didn't even want to do anything  because
it was so late but he asked me to and I did it.

Why are some people here yacking so much?  I mean,
this is old news.  I thought this would not be
anything to the group.  Coming here and seeing people
yack about nothing is a big disappointment.  Even
worring about this small little problem is
embarassing.  Why of why would anyone really care? 
Did anyone miss their SLA requirements?  I didnt.  My
Pig barely even noticed and slept the night peacefully
seeing no big problems.  Intelligent Pigs use RNA.

Someone on this thread needs to take some massive
drinks for starting a flame war.  That is just silly. 
Better yet, why not go down to New Orleans and see
what a real problem is.  This is not a real problem,
its a patch.

And the Snort bug could lead to the next Slammer??? 
Who is smoking the bong?  My Pig snorts in retort!


--- "Willy, Andrew" <AWilly at ...13017...> wrote:

> "All I needed was a quick answer and I certainly did
> not get that from you."
> Not to fan the flames, but to clarify, a look back
> shows that Ron was the
> first responder ("quick answer") to your question
> and did so quite politely.
> I think you got off easy with just one comment. 
> Most lists would eat you
> alive for claiming there was no mention on a topic
> with a dozen directly
> related posts just a few hours before.
> Try the NTOP list.  They'll remind you that whatever
> question you asked was
> asked and thoroughly discussed in a thread 16
> months, 3 days, 45 minutes ago
> -- and it'll be grumpily. I love that list. =)
> Andrew
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> Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2005 9:21 PM
> To: 'Ron Jenkins'; snort-users at lists.sourceforge.net
> Subject: RE: [Snort-users] Serious Snort Bug Could
> Lead To Next Slammer
> Ron,
> While it was certainly unprofessional of you to make
> the comments you did.
> You do not set policy for the list and just because
> something is posted
> wrong or multiple times you are in the list to help
> not criticize the
> topics.
> I've been at this for a couple of years now and I
> certainly do not remember
> everything. This initially looked like something new
> in the way it was
> posted, too me. I found this in our Email from 3
> days back and may have not
> given it the personal attention it deserved, but it
> was a request for free
> support. All I needed was a quick answer and I
> certainly did not get that
> from you.
> If you have more comments on this please post them
> off list. 
> Kindest regards,
> Michael...
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