[Snort-users] Serious Snort Bug Could Lead To Next Slammer

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I am sorry for my commit to you; it was highly un-professional for me to
do so.  


Please in the future spend the time to do the research and see if
SourceFire has addressed the issue(s) before making statements.  By you
posting (No mention on Snort.org or in the list.) implies that you have
already visited the web site and if so would have send the posting from
10/18/2005 stating this and the resolution.





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Thanks, for the all the replies. This was sent to me and I had no idea

the time to get into it, so I posted it here after a quick search no

my keyword search. This was a FREE inquiry, had it been a client I would

have put the time into it prior to asking in the list.


Please remember that one reply would have taken care of this and save



In response to Mr. Jenkins about your comments; Next time keep them to

yourself as it was a personal attack and should not be permitted in this

list or any other. Plus it had nothing to do with the subject of the

or anything top do with the list. Always remember, think before posting.

you can contribute, then by all means post. If the topic has already

answered then let it go, unless something else can be added that will



Kindest regards,



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