[Snort-users] duplicated sid;how is the best way to fix these issues

Turnquist,Wayne WayneTurnquist at ...12076...
Thu Oct 20 08:21:57 EDT 2005

windows 2000 patform using IDS

The following is what i get when i run the check feature.  Where/what files,what to delete to take care of this issue.

What is actually going on? When a rule is down loaded, lets say sid 4140, if there is another rule by that sid, does ids then keep the rule but change its sid to 1000001?

Once i fix these issues, what is the best method to keep this from happenning again?

thanks for input

#   http://www.activeworx.org Snort  Ruleset
#   IDS Policy Manager Version: 1.7 Build(64)
#    New Rules on -- Oct 20, 2005 9:59 AM
Duplicate SID: 4140 Setting SID Value to: 1000001
Duplicate SID: 4141 Setting SID Value to: 1000002
Duplicate SID: 4142 Setting SID Value to: 1000003
Duplicate SID: 4143 Setting SID Value to: 1000004
Duplicate SID: 4144 Setting SID Value to: 1000005
Duplicate SID: 4145 Setting SID Value to: 1000006

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