[Snort-users] Checkpoint Acquisition and the future of Open Source Snort

Matt Jonkman matt at ...12231...
Mon Oct 17 05:17:21 EDT 2005

When Marty started Sourcefire I was one of the first to stand up and say
he should relinquish lead of the gpl software while he was an officer of
SF. And I still think I had a good point, but he proved me wrong in that
he didn't allow a situation to arise where he let a gpl feature suffer
to save SF money, etc. In fact he poured a lot of time into the gpl
engine that would not have otherwise been available, which has helped us

I have confidence that he'll continue to do the same with Checkpoint.
I've dealt with all levels of checkpoint staff, and overall (past the
frontline folks) they're very sharp and give a crap about their
products. Sure, they have the large company corporate cuve farm facade
to break through, as all companies that large. But it can be done.

If they start putting out a product that can directly interpret snort
sigs, or uses snort itself, that'll only serve to bring thousands of
more users to our little piece of heaven here, and the hundreds of good
ideas those folks have every day.

Speaking as the Bleeding Snort guy, that'll make us better, stronger,
and longer-lived.

This isn't a prediction of what will come of course, but I'm optimistic.
I hope you prove me right this time, as you proved me wrong last
time. :)


On Tue, 2005-10-11 at 06:59 -0700, Theodore Stout wrote:
> Let's just trust Marty on this one.  He has been right
> up until now so why doubt him at this point?
> Even though I have had some serious doubts about this,
> all in all, Sourcefire and Checkpoint will become
> better because of this and somewhere, someplace, the
> Pig will be stronger.  I suspose we all just have to
> get used to such a large company being involved with
> Sourcefire.  It is for the best.  Wayne, Tom, and
> Marty have made the right decision.
> I doubt that Checkpoint will negatively affect Snort
> development and yes Interspect could use a bit more
> intergration with Snort rules.  
> Theo

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