[Snort-users] Just my opinion

Patrick Harper patrick at ...4250...
Thu Oct 13 16:33:53 EDT 2005

I want to give a great big thanks to Sourcefire for their continual support
of the open source community and world wide audience of Snort.  A lot of
people have expressed concern about its acquisition by Checkpoint but if
Marty says it will stay the same for the open source community I believe it
will stay the same.  He is an honorable man that has done a lot of good for
us that use snort daily and even those that make a living from snort.

I would say please refrain from any bashing until you see what you think is
going to happen, actually happen.  Many have had bad dealings with
Checkpoint in the past.  But Gil Shwed is not dumb by any means, he may be a
shrewd business man but that would make him the first to recognize the hate
he and Checkpoint would receive from the information security community for
closing the code to snort and/or not continuing the development of open
source snort.  The Sourcefire appliances run the same code as the current
version of snort, they just get the new rules 5 days earlier.  I have faith
in them (Sourcefire) and in Marty's leadership, he has not done anything bad
to Snort even though he built up a company that just sold for 225 million
after only 4 years of being open; using the same opensource technology we
use for our deployments.

This is just my opinion and I wanted to voice it.  I have friends at both
companies and have heard nothing but "it is going to stay the same" for the
opensource end of things.  If you want to flame me that's fine, I would say
lets do it one on one.  If you feel the need to make it public that's fine
too but I feel that's not very constructive in nature.  I wish you all well
and happy snorting.


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