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Wed Oct 12 06:08:30 EDT 2005

Hi Jason,

Am Dienstag, den 11.10.2005, 09:26 -0400 schrieb Kretzer, Jason R (Big
> [**] [119:15:1] (http_inspect) OVERSIZE REQUEST-URI DIRECTORY [**]
This is caused by the http_inspect preprocessor. This preprocessor
analyzes at least part of your HTTP traffic. It found a uri in an http
request where the directory string was longer than the maximum
http_inspect: oversize_dir_length

> [**] [1:1416:9] SNMP broadcast trap [**]
Your printer is configured to send out SNMP Broadcast Traps. If you do
not use any software that listens to SNMP Traps I would advise disabling
it. If you do, you might want to remove Signature 1416 in Snort
alert udp any any -> 162 (msg:"SNMP broadcast trap";
reference:bugtraq,4088; reference:bugtraq,4089; reference:bugtraq,4132;
reference:cve,2002-0012; reference:cve,2002-0013;
classtype:attempted-recon; sid:1416; rev:9;)

> The first is coming from the outside world, the second is coming from
> a network printer.  Are these anything to be really worried about?

Well depending on the value you used for oversize_dir_length and your
webserver it might be normal or unusual. 


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