[Snort-users] Checkpoint Acquisition and the future of Open Source Snort

Bob Walder bwalder at ...1926...
Mon Oct 10 08:56:50 EDT 2005

Well I guess the right PLACE to start would be to post your real name,
contact details and credentials. Then maybe we can figure out your

After all, Snort has done pretty well out of being "owned" by an evil
corporate entity for the last year or two....

And just on the off-chance you ARE right (oh, pulllleeeeeze!) then why start
again from scratch? Snort is pretty good as it is.... I am sure a fork is

Do me a favour!

Bob Walder

On 10/10/05 16:43, "SN ORT" <snort_on_acid at ...131...> wrote:

> Oh pullleeeze! I predict that Snort will be gone very
> soon. Let's seeeeee, a corporate "competitor" buys up
> an open-source and FREE competitor, and things will
> remain the same? Everything will continue to be free
> and people will continue to develop for it? Uh-huh.
> You know, I actually wouldn't mind paying a bit for
> Snort, but mostly because it is/was a "grassroots
> program". We support the open-sourced communities. I
> mean, open-source is all about alternatives, ingenuity
> and a sort of 'family'. Well folks, that is now
> history. I believe Snort has now been 'sold out'.
> The smartest thing for us to do is start looking for
> an alternative.
> And open-source developers need to start building a
> newer and better system, if you're a developer and
> want some fame and recognition, talk to me! I am no
> developer, but I know enough about just about
> everything IT, and even some programming skills, and
> would be glad to help. Now is the time to start!
> Cheese!
> Marc

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