[Snort-users] Checkpoint Acquisition and the future of Open Source Snort

Dirk Geschke Dirk_Geschke at ...1344...
Mon Oct 10 08:13:11 EDT 2005

Hi Marc,

> The smartest thing for us to do is start looking for
> an alternative.

what kind of attitude is this?

I think we have to wait what happens, I can not imagine that they
will stop snort as a GPL program. Although, if they do so than the
old releases are still there and GPLed. This is something even 
Checkpoint can not change.

With the actual sources one can start a fork and I guess there are
enough smart coders out there to continue the project on an open
source basis.

But before this will happen we should wait what happens next and
decide then.

What may happen (and I think this already happened with sourcefire
before) is that the open source version may be a little bit older
than the one sold with checkpoint hardware.

So simply relax and watch the future of snort...

Best regards


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