[Snort-users] Checkpoint Acquisition and the future of Open Source Snort

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Mon Oct 10 07:45:45 EDT 2005

Oh pullleeeze! I predict that Snort will be gone very
soon. Let's seeeeee, a corporate "competitor" buys up
an open-source and FREE competitor, and things will
remain the same? Everything will continue to be free
and people will continue to develop for it? Uh-huh. 

You know, I actually wouldn't mind paying a bit for
Snort, but mostly because it is/was a "grassroots
program". We support the open-sourced communities. I
mean, open-source is all about alternatives, ingenuity
and a sort of 'family'. Well folks, that is now
history. I believe Snort has now been 'sold out'.

The smartest thing for us to do is start looking for
an alternative.

And open-source developers need to start building a
newer and better system, if you're a developer and
want some fame and recognition, talk to me! I am no
developer, but I know enough about just about
everything IT, and even some programming skills, and
would be glad to help. Now is the time to start!



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> Both Marty and Gil Shwed, Check Point CEO, have
> commented on this. In a 
> letter to customers and partners, Gil Shwed wrote
> "Check Point is fully 
> committed to all existing Sourcefire and Check Point
> product lines and 
> the Snort open source community, and we look forward
> to further growing 
> these solutions in the future."
> In addition, Mary wrote a message to the community
> that states "Snort is 
> now and will continue to be free to end-users.  We
> will continue to 
> develop and distribute the Snort engine under the
> GPL, improve and 
> document the program to stay on the cutting edge and
> expand the 
> snort.org web site.  The community continues, as
> always, to be important 
> to us as a group of people who use the code
> pervasively throughout the 
> entire Internet, report on problems and make
> suggestions and 
> contributions to the project.  Check Point is very
> excited about 
> continuing Sourcefire's involvement with the open
> source community!"
> You can read Marty's full message at 
> Cheers,
> Jennifer
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> Jennifer Steffens
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> Sourcefire, Inc
> Sam Evans wrote:
> > I think this email is directed more at the
> Sourcefire folks more so than 
> > the list, but I am curious as to the future of
> Open Source Snort now 
> > that Checkpoint is in the mix?  Will it remain
> Open Soruce?
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> Subject: Re: [Snort-users] Checkpoint Acquisition
> and the future of Open Source
>  Snort
> Rules will continued to be distributed in the same
> fashion as before. I 
> am not entirely sure what you mean by "release"
> rules so here are the 
> details. There are two types of rules available on
> snort.org - VRT 
> Certified and Community. VRT Certified rules are
> distributed as follows:
> * Subscribers receive rulesets in real-time as they
> are released
> * Registered users receive rulesets after a 5 day
> delay
> * Unregistered users receive access to the latest
> ruleset at the time of 
> each Snort point release (2.4, 2.5, etc).
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