[Snort-users] Checkpoint Acquisition and the future of Open Source Snort

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Fri Oct 7 17:36:48 EDT 2005


I have not read any comments regarding access to the rules.  Is there a
commitment to maintain the current method of obtaining "release" rules as
well as updates?

Snort is a great packet sniffer, and I'm glad to read about the ongoing
development and support for it.  However, intrusion detection = snort +


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Both Marty and Gil Shwed, Check Point CEO, have commented on this. In a 
letter to customers and partners, Gil Shwed wrote "Check Point is fully 
committed to all existing Sourcefire and Check Point product lines and 
the Snort open source community, and we look forward to further growing 
these solutions in the future."

In addition, Mary wrote a message to the community that states "Snort is 
now and will continue to be free to end-users.  We will continue to 
develop and distribute the Snort engine under the GPL, improve and 
document the program to stay on the cutting edge and expand the 
snort.org web site.  The community continues, as always, to be important 
to us as a group of people who use the code pervasively throughout the 
entire Internet, report on problems and make suggestions and 
contributions to the project.  Check Point is very excited about 
continuing Sourcefire's involvement with the open source community!"

You can read Marty's full message at 


Jennifer Steffens
Director, Product Management - Snort
Sourcefire, Inc

Sam Evans wrote:
> I think this email is directed more at the Sourcefire folks more so than 
> the list, but I am curious as to the future of Open Source Snort now 
> that Checkpoint is in the mix?  Will it remain Open Soruce?

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