[Snort-users] BASE Feature Suggestion to Display Rule Source

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Fri Oct 7 06:40:20 EDT 2005

	Woo! Woo!! Thanks loads. This works great, once you fix the typo
that refers to base_constants.inc.pnp instead of base_constants.inc.php.
Also, I'd think you'd want it to pop a separate window, rather than load
in the current one, as all of the other signature reference links do.
Please don't think I'm throwing rocks. I'm not. This is great, and I'm
using it now. I salaam in your general direction :-)
		Much Appreciation
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> 	From the BASE config file, it looks like the <snort> tag is more
> or less just forwarded to the sourcefire URL with a sid number, and
> resultant page is displayed. It strikes me (as a non PHP programmer,
> flames please) that it should not be terribly difficult to have BASE
> instead display a web page with two frames, and put the sourcefire
> in one, while simultaneously displaying the full text of the
> rule (pulled from a locally maintained copy of all rules in use) in
> other.

Indeed - I did this for my local copy of ACID about a year ago. I ported
patch to BASE a few weeks back. Kevin basically liked it, but wanted to 
tweak it slightly to allow the location of the rules to be modified.

I guess it might show up in the next release.

I've attached my patch against 1.1.4, FWIW.

> 		John

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