[Snort-users] Help Required

Patrick Harper patrick at ...4250...
Tue Oct 4 07:25:01 EDT 2005

It sounds you like you need to know more about tcp/ip and vulnerabilities in
general.  The web interface is easy to use (although you really need to
switch to base and ditch acid, it is way out of date and the base team has
done an awesome job)

Look at volume 1 and 3 of tcp/ip illustrated, learn how tcp/ip as well as
udp and icmp works and then you will be able to understand.  There is no
magic pill or 10 page doc that is going to get you knowing about those, it
takes time and practice.

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Dear All,

I have configured SNORT and want to understand and analyze the reports via 
ACID console.

Pls suggest me good links /documents for the smae.

Thanks in Advance.


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