[Snort-users] Call for all Snort Projects

Joel Esler joel.esler at ...1935...
Mon Oct 3 15:37:35 EDT 2005

Hey everyone!

In a vast unification and redesign effort, the Snort.org team is  
attempting to contact all of the various projects that use Snort in  
some way, shape, or form.  We don't care in what aspect you use  
Snort, whether it be rules (BleedingSnort), Rule Management (IDSPM),  
Analysis (BASE, Sguil), Reporting (Sguil, scanmap3d)... anything!!!   
We're redesigning the download section of Snort.org and we want to  
make sure you are included!  We want the OpenSource projects that are  
out there that support Snort to get some publicity, as well as put  
the access to all the tools in one place.

We have spent several hours pouring through several dated lists, and  
we have found there there are alot of dead projects, new projects,  
and projects that no one has heard of yet.

We went through a list of Sourceforge projects that we pulled down  
awhile ago, and removed all the projects that haven't been updated in  
the past two years, or really, have never had a release.  We did not,  
however, go through Google.  (For fear of spending the next 3 years  
of our lives going through the results, so please, do not flame  
me :)  I would like all those projects which are NOT listed below to  
please contact me via email, so that I can update the database, as  
well as send a followup email with our interests in redesigning the  
download section, and what your requirements will be (very few) to be  
listed in the section.

In your reply to this email, please include in the subject the name  
of the project you are representing.  Example:  "RE: Call for all  
Snort Projects -- SNORTAnalysisModuleConsoleAlerter thingy"

The following projects to not need to contact me, as I already have  
your contact info:

alert_interval for Snort IDS
Divert Sockets for Linux
Extensive High Availability Modules
IDS Report Generator
IDSPM + Honeynet Security Console
Master-Slave dynamic firewall
Mushrooms ANalyser
OpenAanval Console
oraOink Project
Pcap Tools
Perl Analysis Console for Intrusion Even
PIDS - Power Intrusion Detection System
Snort IDMEF Plugin
Snort Monitor for Linux/Unix
Snort Preprocessor and Detection Engine
SnortCenter 2.x

Please forgive me if you are not included in this list, and email me  
back, also please forgive me if you project should be capitalized and  
isn't... This list is old, give me a break...  If you are a very  
popular project (or instance I didn't have oinkmaster on my list!!  
believe that!?) and you're not on the list, don't get offended.  The  
list is old.

Now, the other caveat, if you are in the above list and do NOT wish  
to be included in the download section, (this can be anything from a  
link, to download of the actual program  you are representing...)  
please email me back as well, so I can remove you from the list.

Joel Esler
SOURCEfire, Inc.
joel.esler at ...1935...
www.snort.org | www.sourcefire.com

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