[Snort-users] Compiling 2.4.2 Under Windows

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Thanks, for all your help. Winsnort.com will now be releasing an 'Early
Release' of Snort for Win32 as the new source code becomes available.

Also, there seems to be a bug with one of the updates:

* Win32 version now supports winpcap 3.1 and MySQL client 4.13.

We tested Snort 2.4.2 on the three of our test systems with WinPcap 3.1
installed, and Snort crashed on each system.

Kindest regards,

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> 1) Compiling under Windows using the source code for 2.4.2, 
> it seems that
> the Oracle source files are missing from the package.

This has always been the case. Download the oracle client and dev files and
you should be fine. If you don't want the Oracle build, but the MySQL build,
select "Snort - Win32 MySQL Release" as your active Project configuration.
Then build this project instead of the Oracle one, you won't get this error.


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