[Snort-users] Snort performance concerns

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Sun Oct 2 16:01:09 EDT 2005


I have some Sourcefire NS3020F chassis- dual pentium 2.4ghz, 2 gig of 
ram and a Intel Pro 1000base SFP fiber Gig uplink- I think sourcefire 
sold these with software for $30,000 each-

I am selling these for $1495 each with a 30 day warranty

Let me know if you can use them- I have 4 in stock-

Chris Blackburn
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Larry Wichman wrote:

> I enabled Performance Monitor on my sensors and I have some concerns 
> after looking at some of the performance stats. First, I have three 
> sensors, two of which average 96mb/sec of traffic and the dropped 
> packets percentage average is about 10% (proc and memory utilization 
> are high, as expected). I have a third sensor that sees an average of 
> about 5mb/sec and has the same amount of dropped packets, memory and 
> proc utilization are minimal. I have implemented all the suggested 
> optimizations (I think), patched Libpcap, etc….I can understand that 
> there would be some dropped packets when the traffic is at a high, 
> continuous load, but the third sensor with the same amount of dropped 
> packets with only a fraction of the traffic concerns me. I am thinking 
> about upgrading the hardware (faster proc, bus speeds, etc…), but I 
> might be wasting money if the stats are the same. Does anyone have any 
> input as to what is causing the dropped packets?
> Also, my boss told me to start evaluating commercial products. My 
> first choice would be Sourcfire, I really do like working with Snort, 
> but I need whatever product I choose to be able to handle the amount 
> of traffic that we have. I would greatly appreciate any input on this. 
> Cheers.
> Larry

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