[Snort-users] Snort on Linux - Witch Distro?

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Mon Nov 21 15:52:01 EST 2005

Hi all - I am having one heck of a time getting a 64Bit distro to run
Snort on. My current Snort box runs on Windows and I really want to stop
using Windows. I have tried my favorite Distro - SlackWare (10.2) and the
64Bit port and neither has native support for my SATA controller. So I
went on a hunt for a distro to install to run Snort on. So far I have

Fedora Core 4 64Bit (Would not complete boot up - ever, even tried
CentOS 4.2 64Bit (Same results as FC4)
OpenSuSe 10 64Bit (CD MD5's never matched the downloads - downloaded it 3
times from different servers)
Ubuntu 5.10 64Bit (Could not get MySQL running - much less Snort)

I am not very familiar with FreeBSD (or any *BSD) but if the strongest
response to this is BSD then I'll have to dive into it. Ultimately I just
want to run a secure 64Bit Linux box that I can run Snort/MySQL/BASE on.
So with that in mind - What are your suggestions?


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