[Snort-users] confused by postgresql-8.0.4

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Fri Nov 4 16:10:09 EST 2005

On 11/3/05, Ralf Spenneberg <lists at ...9778...> wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, den 02.11.2005, 15:29 +0800 schrieb sake:
> > ./configure --prefix=/home/ids --with-pgsql=/home/ids/ --enable-inline
> > (at the very beginning , if I don't specify
> > "--with-pgsql-includes=/home/ids/include/ " , the configure will warn:
> > cannot find libpcre or libipq,I'm not very clear now. )
> Well, make sure, you got libipq on your system to compile
> inline-support. You probably need an iptables-devel package.

I'm using RH9.0, before compiling snort, the iptables has been removed
already,and a new version has been installed succefully with make
install-devel option.

> Nov 2 11:16:13 fakehost snort[16285]: database: 'postgresql' support
> > is not compiled into this build of snort
> > then re-run the the ./configure script using the '--with-postgresql'
> > Does here anyone meet this?
> You need to use --with-postgresql and not --with-pgsql as you used!

Here is the instruction from the script configure:
--with-mysql=DIR support for mysql
--with-odbc=DIR support for odbc
--with-postgresql=DIR support for postgresql
--with-pgsql-includes=DIR postgresql include directory
--with-oracle=DIR support for oracle
I followed this. when compiling, there is no errors and warns;

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Thanks for your kindly reply, I'm back to use MySQL now. :-?
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