[Snort-users] snortcenter include commands

East, Bill eastb at ...3694...
Tue May 24 12:52:33 EDT 2005

Trying to get all the old rules loaded. I have seen that I can pull the
rules files in with the Import command so that might be the best way to

I guess I'm just used to having the single, short config file and the
rules broken out by filename. The real problem may be my reluctance to
adapt to changes.

be - MOS

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> Bill,
> What are you trying to do here.  Are you trying to import 
> your old config into snortcenter as a catagory, or are you 
> just trying to get all the old rules loaded.
> If you want to do some hand tuning you can add a $RULE_PATH 
> and put a file on your sensor that gets included and it 
> should work fine if you just want to have your old rules as a 
> baseline.
> Jason
> East, Bill wrote:
> > I'd like to replicate my old snort config while using snortcenter.
> > 
> > The old snort.conf had
> > 
> > include $RULE_PATH/whatever.rules
> > 
> > How would I go about getting this into snortcenter's 
> config? I'm sure 
> > the answer will make me feel beyond dopey.
> > 

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