[Snort-users] Calling all Bay Area Snort Users

rich at ...13318... rich at ...13318...
Thu May 19 08:41:17 EDT 2005

Hello All,
This has been attempted a few times but I am going to try again. This is
an attempt to generate interest in a Bay Area Snort Users Group. Jennifer
Stephens has said she will help where possible. The site is up and running
with mailing lists etc etc...


The idea behind the group will be to share snort experience locally in the
area and to meet once every three months or so to collaborate. If you are
interested please contact me directly at rich at ...13319... All
that is required is:

Live in the Bay Area (e.g. San Fransisco, Monterey, San Jose, etc)
Use the Pig to save your Bacon
Want to get better at using and or modifying the Pig


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