[Snort-users] SnortCenter 2.x 3/15/2005 Released

Jason Alexander lists at ...9901...
Thu Mar 31 13:30:21 EST 2005

I have released a new version of SnortCenter 2.x. This release provides 
the functionality to allow you to to bring in rules from SourceFire VRT, 
SourceFire Community, and also Bleeding Snort rulesets. To accomplish 
this we have created a script that goes out and downloads all the 
archives from their various sources and then combines them into one 
source and makes them available to snortcenter via the same webserver 
that hosts the console. This script is located in the scripts directory 
and after you configure it with your OinkCode and other information I 
suggest that you put this file into a cron job.  Once the rule_combine 
script has been configure simply point the config.php file at the 
directory you created the rules in. From then on the user then simply 
has to point the snortcenter proceed like normal.  This script can be 
easly extended to any new rules sets that come along requiring no 
changes to the main SnortCenter 2.x code.  You can download the new 
version of the console from the sourceforge project site at: 

Jason Alexander
Keeper of SnortCenter

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