[Snort-users] My First Snort Oracle Instance

Santford Robert Marcum rmarcum at ...13234...
Thu Mar 31 06:32:01 EST 2005


Been doing this for a few years, but not with Oracle. Decided to set up the next server with an interface to a networked Oracle database, supported by a DBA. I may have bitten off too much for something with "experimental" status, but this is what I have:

(1) The Oracle v9.2 database was set up using the script provided with Snort, Version current, Build 11--which I downloaded and compiled March 11, 2005.

(2) The Oracle v9.2 client was installed on the Snort box. 

(3) All software is installed/compiled on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 3 (Taroon Update 2)--Intel(R) Pentium(R) III CPU family, 1266MHz, Intel i686 box.

(4) Output per snort.config

    output database: alert, oracle, dbname=<-----> user=<-----> password=<----->

(5) Executing the following, snort seems to be running but nothing goes into the database. And, other checks shows that snort is seeing a lot of traffic via eth0, promiscuous mode.

sudo /usr/local/bin/snort -D -i eth0 -c /usr/local/snort/etc/snort.conf -b -d -u root

(6) Toward the end of the syslog I find the following which I have studied in the Oracle archives regarding the subject of "fetched column value is NULL" as the Oracle versions have evolved.

  database: oracle_error: ORA-01405: fetched column value is NULL  
  query: SELECT MAX(cid)   FROM event  WHERE sid = '1'

I have access to a lot of Oracle support so is there is some coding work I need to do to evolve us a bit further than "experimental" on this output, and provide feedback? Or, if it is something easy I have not found in the archives, or fail to see what is right in front of me, then embarrass me. (-:

Help would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Bob Marcum

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